About me 

In my day to day life, I sing, rehearse, act, rehearse, dance, rehearse, etc. I love to teach and work with kids. I also do a lot of cooking, and pie making.


To the right is my sweet cast from a production I directed of Disney's The Little Mermaid at The Summer Theatre of New Canaan. I worked with 30 Middle schoolers for three weeks, and it was unforgettable. They were so willing and open and charming, and I loved every minute of it. 


I was born in New York City, and mentally I've never left. I Love the city and have always felt like a true native, despite having grown up a train ride away in Connecticut.


I was lucky to attend New Canaan High School where the arts are encouraged and nourished. It was there that I fell firmly in love with theatre. I had, however, already fallen in love with singing and dancing, along with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire many years ago as a young girl in my living room.  


I chose to study Musical Theatre at Point Park University and fell in love with a second city, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Although Manhattan still has my heart.) I will be moving to Manhattan within the next year, and then, who knows?


I really love to photograph and capture moments, and when I'm not on stage or in rehearsal that is usually how I'm spending my time. I use Instagram as a portfolio, to be inspired, and share inspiration.


To the left is a sample of my recent still life photos.


To see more photos check out my Instagram feed @KatherineAlice, or click on the instagram icon below. 


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