• Katie Oxman


A rainbow town in Hudson Valley!

We spent a few days there, and it is without a doubt the ultimate rainbow getaway- or day trip from NYC - if you love small town charm, good food, coffee, craft beer/ cocktails, bookstores, dogs, donuts and river views. oh and small shops. oh and hiking. oh and art. and theres a castle. And as I type this I'm listening to the perfect condition GoGos album I snagged at the local record store... perfect stuff. (Stars Hollow nod anyone?)

Anyway here is a round up of my favorite things- during the time of Covid, we didn't partake in any group activities and very very few indoor things, we will DEFINITELY go back later for all the art there is to see there, like DIA; Beacon- keep that in mind for the future!

We live in Manhattan and Beacon is directly on the Hudson, so from Grand Central Terminal on the Hudson line, its a direct one and a half hour trip (with views of the mountains and the hudson river the ENTIRE time) for $35 round trip. It's a perfect day trip or quick getaway. We stayed in two B&Bs, I loved the Chrystie House (which might actually be HAMILTON'S old upstate house according to the book the owner is writing....) and we walked into town every day. It's 20 mins but beautiful, it would be a super perfect location with a car too. Very peaceful. But the whole town is walkable if you're wearing sneakers.


  • Rainbow houses, take a walk down some of the streets off of main st, check out the local B&B. Visit Teller ave. & High st. for some of the most beautiful colorful houses I've seen.

  • The waterfall is around the corner at the end of main street, and you get the perfect view at The Roundhouse

  • Bannerman Castle is so beautiful - its on an ISLAND accessible by a boat provided if you book the tour from Beacon right by the train station.

  • Mt Beacon trailhead is the place to start our hike if thats your vibe- its a beautiful walk from town or accessible on the free loop bus that goes around town.


*This town is an amazing place if you're vegan/vegetarian. Lots of options.

- Beacon Bread Company has incredible breakfast (the hashbrowns blew my mind.) and you MUST grab a carb item there. It's required. Their baguettes are incredible.

- The Beacon Daily also has THE BEST breakfast sandwiches and burritos. 10/10.

- WonderBar has the best cocktails we tried, amazing old Hollywood vibes and food and owners. Its connected to the gorgeous movie theatre.

- Meyer's Olde Dutch Food & Such has incredible burgers and fries - try the fry sauce

- Tito Santana Taqueria has a dinner special with tacos, elote, rice, beans, chips AND salsa for two all for $22 so...


- there are multiple local coffee shops on main st but our favorite was Big Mouth Coffee roasters. They roast their own beans right there- but it should be mentioned we tried a cold brew from every single coffee shop on main street (there's 4) and they were all great.

- GLAZED OVER DONUTS. you customize your own donut, skies the limit. the actual base donut itself is dynamite. Then you add glaze and toppings...

- Zora Dora's for Paletas (Paletas are a Mexican frozen treat made from fresh natural fruits) LOVED the mango and the passionfruit.

- Beacon Creamery has the classic small town scoop shop vibe.


- Don't miss Happy Valley Arcade Bar for a brew and a game of Frogger- and the colorful interior and exterior.

- Two way brewing Company has outdoor seating and beer flights from their small local brewery and a great view of the sunset

- We walked all the way to Industrial Arts Brewing just to see it - you can currently pick up some 4 packs and such but post covid pop up there for a tour/ the tap room/ the view!

- Right off of Main st is the Dennings Point Distillery for open air tastings on a barrel! They make the best gin, ever.


- Hudson Valley Vinyl- a must. they had gloves ready for you to wear to browse with and an amazing affordable selection. (The old home of the afore mentioned GoGos album.)

- Flora Good Times- the perfect plant store, walk inside and smell the amazing smell (you can still smell it through your mask)

- Hyperbole, Lewis & Pine, Raven Rose, and Zakka Joy were my favorite shops, but everything on main st is worth popping in to if it catches your eye.


- Hudson Beach Glass is beautiful to look at.

- If you have a doggo theres a BEACON BARKERY!!

PS. There IS Doctor Who themed restaurant in town, The Pandorica - if you're a fan, its 100% worth visiting (fish fingers & custard, a Tardis bathroom...) but it wasn't our favorite food etc. Seeing the Tardis bathroom was still SUPER fun. A must for a fan.

PPS. If you're driving, or want to take a lyft, or even multiple train stops, there are MANY more amazing things within 30 mins of Beacon in the Hudson Valley. We went to New Paltz to see the Fuchsia Tiki Bar- which is where Mohonk preserve is. We have LOTS more exploring to do!

Anyway for part one of Hudson Valley exploration I'm your color girl, and this has been a blog post. If there's anything unclear or that I didn't cover, comment below and I'll help you out! xoxo

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