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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

AHHHHHH Hi everybody!

Katie here reporting LIVE from a (b)LOG!

I'll do a big introduction post soon, because I wanted to start off with my newest project, #DressedforBroadway!

But quickly, let me say HI I LOVE YOU WELCOME TO COLORLAND! and also, I've had the hardest time getting a 'BLOG' started. I always wanted to be an Actress 'first' - it took me YEARS to realize that having a bigger platform than just instagram is important for like a million reasons, so more on that later. But just know that I have coined this a 'LOG' - not a traditional 'BLOG'. Did you know that 'Blog' is short for 'WEB LOG'? no? Me neither. but it is. This is a 'log' of all things color girl. And honestly its biggest theme is just me. I'm here to bring you joy and share inspiration and more. and I'm old fashioned so I'm 'Logging' it all here.

SO! FIRST UP! #dressedforbroadway ! This is my new series on 'Broadway Bounding' if you will. (Have you heard of Disney Bounding? If not, hello google)

But more than 'bounding' where you would be character specific, Dressed is about having fun with your outfit, fitting it into a whole show, enjoying your experience at a show, and feeling like you can wear whatever you want! So not just a formal gown, ( and by the way jeans are ok too. theatre is for everyone. ) BUT in this way you are embracing YOU and the show you're attending. and even fitting it to your own style!

FIRST UP (for real this time) is Roundabout's 'Kiss Me Kate' at Studio 54 theatre!

Yesterday was opening night (and to be clear I LIVE for a golden age classic.) so I'm starting here!

This look is inspired by the show, (but not the show WITHIN the show) and the 50s wear the cast has been made by the INCREDIBLE costume designer Jeff Mahshie.

Stephanie Styles and Corbin Beu in 'Kiss Me Kate' from IBDB

The particular costume I'm vibing with here is worn by my hero and friend Stephanie Styles, because its her broadway debut and I literally had to.

(fun fact, we met doing to Jimmy Awards in 2010, and sang next to each other in our medley, for your viewing pleasure, I digress and give you, baby Katie and Stephanie thanks to youtube. you're welcome. we begin 3:00 mins in. but all the ladies in this are fierce and I still love them all.)

The other notable accessory here is my Scenery Bag! @Scenerybags is an amazing company I work with created by Jen Kahn, a Broadway stage manager who shares my love of sustainability. Pictured here is a bag made from the 'Sky' drop from this very production! (Shop the current Scenery bags collection HERE.)

Because this WAS character based a little, theres a lot of blues- but I also wanted to match my bag (theres no rules here!) plus I had this amazing little vintage style hat with a netting that was blue, I always love one or two POP special accessories!

The STYLE of this show is very classic, so I went with classic pieces, Most of my clothes are vintage or thrifted! But more on that in a separate post. HERE is a similar blue skirt. HERE is a vintage 50s style hat on Etsy, which is definitely a treasure trove for things like this. But let me just say, my mom is an antique dealer, and I have more than enough experience to promise if you see an antique store (or antique mall) GO and you will find one. I promise.

I have so much more to say but I don't want to keep you here forever!

So let me finish with saying that I haven't seen this show yet (almost have like 30 times, finally going to see it now that its open ) BUT I know it is a spectacular gift of classic theatre with top notch people, and some of my favorite music. So LETS GO.

Love, K.

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