• Katie Oxman


Updated: Aug 11

Time for a color DESTINATION!

Petee's Cafe (or Pie shop) In Brooklyn. We have loved Petee's pie ( @peteespie ) itself for a long time - seriously it's SO good, and I'm a tough critic of pie. They also do this thing where they have every kind of pie you can imagine - like you close your eyes and imagine a pie, it could be cold, warm, fruit, meringue covered, chocolate dipped, they make it. (You just have to get there early enough that they're not sold out.)

This location is a FULL cafe/ pink paradise we didn't even know existed until now! Gorgeous light pink walls and tons of plants greet you on your way in- as well as little wooden bar stools, and a long row of pie stands. I had been craving chocolate, and luckily there was a piece of Chocolate chess pie waiting for me. Garrett also tried the coconut custard pie (again, divine).

A theme created itself for this day, based on our pink destination. (It's so easy to dress a color!) So pink striped button up, and pink coat that I bought second hand at a fashion tag sale to raise money for GLAAD. Its now one of my most trusted companions.

Petee's Cafe is NOT to be missed in Brooklyn OR from NYC when you need a cozy space for some pie. Oh and there's quiche, and soup and coffee and such too. What's YOUR favorite place for pie... because my other favorite is in Deep Ellum outside Dallas - so I need some more spots!?!

enjoy! a la Mode!

xoxo, Color Girl

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